Safe and Secure Program

The Flutie Family Safe & Secure Program is a partnership between the Flutie Foundation and SafetyNet Tracking Systems in an effort to help those with autism who tend to wander.

Through this partnership, the Foundation and SafetyNet Tracking Systems will be donating a limited quantity of SafetyNet Bracelets which include a Transmitter Bracelet, Tester, 6 Month Supply of Batteries and Straps ($499 value) to caregivers of individuals with autism in select New England states with a history of wandering who could not otherwise afford them. SafetyNet enables public safety agencies to more quickly find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions who are prone to wandering and becoming lost. The service is comprised of a SafetyNet Bracelet worn by a client that emits Radio Frequency signals, which can be tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers.


"SafetyNet has given me the peace of mind to sleep at night and know that my son is safe.   My police department is well aware of my son, and I feel comfortable that if he were to wander away they would find him right away." 

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, MA

To learn more, contact Ellen Fitzpatrick at 508-270-8855 or