COVID Grant for Camps and Residential/Group Homes

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism is continuing efforts with our COVID-19 relief fund to help autism organizations and partners serving vulnerable populations affected by the pandemic impact within New England and Brevard County, Florida. Priority for funding for this distribution will go to camps and residential/group homes serving 50% or more of the autism community, serving racially, culturally, linguistically diverse communities, and sharing in our mission to help people and families affected by autism live life to the fullest.  Selected recipients will receive funding in the amount of $2,500. Applications can be submitted via the Google form through the button below and will be accepted between June 12, 2020 to July 1, 2020.



About the COVID-19 Autism Relief Fund


In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we know the needs of our autism community have increased significantly. With schools and therapy services shutting down, families in quarantine, and a potential shelter-in-place looming, families will face behavioral, safety, and skill regression problems. Many children and adults require constant supervision to remain safe in normal circumstances, but with the disruption of regular schedules and routines, this will escalate the need.  On top of that, many families affected by autism are facing increased financial insecurity as a result of this crisis. These factors – among others - are creating massive stress on families; therefore, we created the COVID-19 Autism Relief Fund.
With this fund, we are prioritizing the hardships our community is facing today. Our goal is to react swiftly to meet the ever-changing needs people with autism are experiencing. We are diligently communicating with our nonprofit partners, community resource centers, and other experts in the autism community to keep current on this ever-evolving crisis.
To date, the Flutie Foundation has disbursed close to $60,000 between March and May in direct emergency cash assistance to several autism support centers throughout Massachusetts to immediately alleviate financial burdens families with children and adults with autism are facing, provided mask and face shields to schools and residential facilities and grants to organizations to support the autism community and the changing needs during this time.